How To Get Started

  1. Follow the link to my Travel Information Form to get a NO Obligation Quote. This form requests basic passenger information, dates, location, departure point etc. The information in this form allows me to open a confidential file and place trip options on hold while you decide.

  2. I will put together a quote or selection of options based on the information provided

  3. Review your quotation and let me know if there are any revisions or alternative options that you’d like

  4. Once you decide to book your trip, fill out the Passport Information Form and the Credit Card Authorization Form.

  5. I will discuss Travel Protection options with you at this point. I will either help you get a quotation on insurance or provide you with a waiver form.

  6. I will get all of your info entered, trip ready to be booked and check in with you for one last verification. Based on your go ahead, I’ll get everything booked and send you all of the appropriate documentation.

  7. You’re all set, count down the days to your trip and pack your bags.

  8. Keep my number handy while on your trip and relax.