How I Can Help?

  1. I do the work for you - No more spending hours searching for the best deals, trying to make all the connections work, stressing about a holiday that’s intended to be relaxing, I take care of it all for you.

  2. Personalized Service - My only goal is to fight for you, to get you the best deals, most convenient itineraries, best value for your dollar, so on and so forth. Not only that but I’m just a phone call away. Even while you are on your trip, if you run into any problems or complications, phone, email or text me and I’ll help you get it sorted out.

  3. Best Deals - Travel Agents have relationships with numerous vendors and can work to get you the best possible deals to fit into your budget. I can also try to get included upgrades or added perks due to relationships that we’ve already established.

  4. No Surprises - All costs and fees disclosed ahead of time, and we strive to book every aspect of your trip so that you don’t need to add extra costs while away.

  5. Expertise and Experience - This is what I do. I can make sure that you don’t book your trip during hurricane season, that you are aware of all required or recommended vaccinations, travel advisories and so forth. There are so many details that can affect your trip, and I’m here to help cover all your bases.